Portable Rental Cabins from Cosy Cabin Rentals
 have one room & two room options. Our cabins are affordable, low maintenance and high quality built rental cabins.   They look great in any situation and can be ready to move into in a couple of hours and come with a large set of features.   Have a look at our rental cabins and if you like what you see, contact us 0800 267 922.  We can talk about what we can do for you.

Cosy Cabin Rentals provide quality temporary accommodation via portable rental cabins for the greater Auckland area from Bombay hills to the Brynderwyn hills.   

Cosy Cabins are all transportable and built on a single axle for the Sleepout and Wade, twin axle for the Kestrel and Norfolk.   The Cosy Cabin transporting vehicle has special features allowing easier relocating onto sometimes difficult sites.

ImageCosy Rental Cabins are ideal solutions for one or more of the following situations:

  • Granny flat
  • Home office
  • Seasonal labour accommodation
  • Building site accommodation or offices
  • Additional holiday home accommodation
  • Visiting family accommodation
  • Art Studio
  • Extra bedroom (ideal for seperate teenager accommodation)
  • Sleepouts

Since in most cases cabins are only to be temporarily located - no building permit or RMA certification is required. Note: this will vary depending upon local body requirements. Cabins are built on a chasis with either single or dual axles to make them easily relocatable.

Cosy Cabin features:

  • Professionally built cabins
  • Fully insulated to residential standards
  • Quality long lasting materials
  • Portable for easy relocation
  • Deck and entrance stairs
  • Lockable main entrance
  • Curtains
  • Smoke alarm
  • Connection for water supply from standard hose !
  • Power supply from standard power outlets via caravan connection. A 10m safety approved caravan to three pin plug cable is provided with each cabin !
  • Ensuite*
  • Chemical toilet *
  • Shower * !
  • Sink * !
  • Continuous gas heated hot water * !
  • Stove with two elements *

* - optional items depending upon cabin model.

! -  refer to simple setup for site requirements.

More informaton:

Cosy Cabins covers the greated Auckland region from the Bombay hills to the Brynderwyn hills. However we will discuss options for solutions outside this area.

We have four standard sizes (see our cabins ) and have larger units available for longer term rental.   Rental terms are a mimimum of 6 months with no maximum limit.


Cosy Cabin Rentals

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